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Ladies Reusable Incontinence Panties

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Be sure to choose the right absorption level for your needs: 10oz & 6oz

Available in Single and 3-Packs

Features of Women's Incontinence Pants:

  • 1st Layer:
    Women's incontinence briefs ultra-soft cotton knit fabricåÊis very gentle on the skin
  • 2nd Layer:
    A wicking layer that effectively pulls the moisture away from the skin
  • 3rd Layer:
    Specially engineered sewn in absorbency pad that grabs, holds and locks in fluids
  • 4th Layer:
    An over-sizedåÊmoisture-proof barrier for maximum protection

Women's Incontinence UnderwearåÊFunction & Fabrication:

  • For moderate to heavy bladder incontinence
  • The inner lining is made of super-soft 100% cotton, quickly wicks moisture away from the skin
  • Built-in 100% polyester absorbency pad
  • The barrier is made of whisper-quiet, waterproof, reinforced vinyl to prevent spillover

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash warm
  • Tumble dry low gentle cycle
  • Non-chlorine bleach only
  • Do not use fabric softener

Ladies Reusable Incontinence Panties

2465-1A-WHTåÊ Single UPC #åÊ799665997915, 3 PackåÊ700600476464

2465-1B-WHT SingleåÊUPC #åÊ799665997922, 3 PackåÊ700600476471

2465-1C-WHT SingleåÊUPC #åÊ799665997939, 3 PackåÊ700600476488

2465-1X-WHTåÊSingleåÊUPC #åÊ799665997946, 3 PackåÊ700600476495

2465-2X-WHTåÊSingleåÊUPC # 799665997953, 3 PackåÊ700600476501

2465-3X-WHT Single UPC #åÊ799665997960, 3 PackåÊ700600476518

2465-10-1A-WHTåÊSingleåÊUPC #åÊ700600476525, 3 PackåÊ700600476587

2465-10-1B-WHTåÊSingleåÊUPC #åÊ700600476532, 3 PackåÊ700600476594

2465-10-1C-WHTåÊSingleåÊåÊUPC #åÊ700600476549, 3 PackåÊ700600476600

2465-10-1X-WHTåÊSingleåÊUPC #åÊ700600476556, 3 PackåÊ700600476617

2465-10-2X-WHTåÊSingleåÊUPC #åÊ700600476563, 3 PackåÊ700600476624

2465-10-3X-WHT Single UPC#åÊ700600476570, 3 PackåÊ700600476631

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